2018 Tournament Rules

1.  The 2018 Bluegrass Classic tournament ("the Tournament") is an invitational tournament and the governing committee has the right to deny entry to any individual for any reason. 

2.  PBA members will not be accepted in the Tournament.

3.  The Tournament will be a United States Bowling Congress (USBC) sanctioned tournament and the following shall apply concerning USBC membership, entering averages and handicap:

a. It is required that all participants hold a current season USBC membership card.  Non-USBC bowlers may qualify for entry by purchase of an associate membership.  Adults: national dues ($10), plus the local and state dues; if local and state dues are not known, associate dues will be $21 ($10 national, $10 local and $1 state).  In the alternative, a bowler may qualify for entry by paying a $5 USBC participation fee, thereby forfeiting the right to qualify for USBC special awards and recognitions.

b.  Bowlers shall use their highest regular season (winter) 2016-17 book average (minimum 21 games).  If no regular season average is available, a summer 2017 book average may be used (minimum 21 games).

c.  If no 2016-17 book average is available, the highest current average as of Dec. 1, 2017, held in any league will be used (minimum 21 games).

d.  A bowler's December 1, 2017, average will automatically be used if it is 10 or more pins higher than the bowler's 2016-17 book average.  USBC Rule #319a-2 "10-Pin-Rule" shall apply in its entirety.

e.  Bowlers whose tournament average exceeds their book average or December 1, 2016, average by 15 or more pins shall use their accumulated tournament average for the tournament (minimum 21 games).  Tournament averages must be submitted prior to the first game of the tournament.  USBC Rule 319e shall apply in its entirety.

f.  The average of any bowler may be adjusted by the tournament director upon the recommendation of the tournament statistician or of the the local Bowling Association of the bowler in question.  Any adjustment must be made before the bowler bowls.  If the assigned average is not accepted by the bowler, the entry fee shall be refunded.  See USBC Rule 319c.

g.  All others will enter at 230 for men and 200 for women.  See USBC Rule 319b.

h.  Handicap shall be based on 90% of the difference between the bowler's entering average and 230. 

i.  International citizens may substitute verified averages from leagues utilizing American Ten-Pin rules for USBC averages.

4.  Bowlers are responsible for verifying their own average.  If the submitted average is lower than required and the results in lower classification, the bowler's scores will be disqualified.  If the submitted average is higher than required, prize winnings will be based on the submitted average.  Average corrections can be made up to the end of the bowler's first game of a series.  See USBC Rules 319a-3 and 319a-4. 

5.  A bowler who has qualified, within the past 12-month period, for a cash and/or merchandise prize of:
     1) $300 or more in any event in a tournament ( including "all-events"),
     2) combined winnings of $500 or more in any one tournament, or
     3) combined winnings of $1000 or more in all tournaments;
must provide the statistician with notification as required by USBC Rule 319d, to be used for possible re-rating of the bowlers entering average. Failure to comply will result in forfeiture of entry fee and prize winnings.

6.  The receipt of an entry and its acceptance by the statistician for one or more events, and the amount of the money received shall regulate the number of players who shall participate.  There will be no refunds after the statistician's acceptance.

7.  All entries must be completed AND paid for on-line at time of registration at https://www.cognitoforms.com/BluegrassClassicBowlingTournament/BluegrassClassicBowingTournament2018.  The deadline for registration is February 6, 2018.  NO ENTRIES WILL BE ACCEPTED AFTER THAT DATE, EXCEPT WHEREIN THE STATISTICIAN DEEMS IT NECESSARY.

8.  Bowlers may bowl only once in each event.  Each event consists of three games for a total of nine games.  Team/Doubles will be bowled in tandem.

9.  All protests/claims of error must be submitted in writing to the Director no later than one hour after the bowler or team has bowled.

10.  Substitutes will be allowed to bowl at the Statisticians discretion.  Substitutes must register with the Statistician at least one hour before entering the event. 

11.  A bowler may win only one special awards category.  Each event, including all-events, shall have its own prize list which will be based upon a minimum return ratio of 1:10.  There will be a 100 percent return of all prize fees.

12.  Late bowlers shall start bowling in the frame in which they are prepared to bowl; prior frames shall be scored as zero.

13.  Bowlers shall check in upon arrival at the bowling facility. 

14.  Bowlers are not permitted to practice on their assigned lanes on their scheduled day of bowling.  All games will be conducted at Kingpin Lanes, 9525 Taylorsville Road, Louisville, Ky.  502-719-5464

15.  All prize money will be awarded within thirty days of the tournament, unless a pending protest makes that deadline impossible to meet.

16.  In all matters of dispute, the Director's decision is final unless an appeal is made in accordance with USBC Rule 329.